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Multilingual Editor Experiences in Small Wikis
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Content translation makes multilingual editors more productive in creating new articles. Feedback from editing events and the lower deletion ratios obtained also suggest that translation has potential to be a useful activity for newcomers.

We want to learn more about the newcomer experience using Content Translation. Identifying common pain points and aspects that make newcomers not to succeed (or be confident to even try). The project will also consider current CX user experiences.

The project will address the following questions:

  1. Motivations, attraction, retention (small wiki growth factors)
  2. Barriers to translation, CX use, and general editing (How do they currently think about and use translation?)
  3. Current use of mobile - what tasks are users performing on desktop, mobile, or both?
  4. How do small wiki contributors edit and create content?
  5. Experience journeys, especially potential contributors
  6. How do users discover CX (and SX if available at time of research)
  7. At what point in user journeys are they open to CX/SX?
  8. What value props exist at various points related to CX?
  9. Small wiki personas (development of proto personas)
  10. Content creation processes across languages (both in and outside of Wikipedia, for potential editors; including translation processes)

Result: Multilingual Editing Experiences report.

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