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Converting Campaign Pages to React
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Name: Lalitha Reddy
Location: San Jose, California

Project Description
Currently, the design of the campaigns view is very similar to the courses view for an individual course, but for courses, all the tabs (Home, Articles, etc) are rendered client-side in React, due to which we're not able to add features.

Moving to single-architecture would improve user experience as they can easily navigate from tab to tab, preserving data between tabs after initial render, so that the page feels faster.

Campaign pages will be nicer, and the architecture more consistent, if we use React pretty much everywhere and get progressively closer to a single-page app. Moreover, it will enable the filtering of the courses/campaigns, sorting courses into related campaigns or allow actions on multiple courses of a campaign at once to improve the user experience or the Dashboard.

This involves converting:

Campaign overview
Campaign course tab
Campaign articles tab
Campaign user tab
and eventually all campaign tabs from haml to react

Outreachy internship proposal Time line

Week 1 - Dec 2nd - 6th
Review and iterate on timeline and deliverables with mentors
Begin to familiarize myself with codebase and the user flow for campaigns.
Create the needed accounts locally with correct permission to access the campaigns user flow.

Week 2 - Dec 9th - 13th
Finalize timeline with mentors
Review React code currently used for courses.
Review use of Haml in the current implementation of campaigns.
Start blogpost on Outreachy application process, and experience.

Week 3 - Dec 16th - 20th
Convert Campaign overview page to React.
Revise blogpost and publish.

Week 4 - Dec 23rd - 27th
Finish converting Campaign overview page.
Start on converting Campaign course tab to React.
Fix any bugs.

Week 5 - Dec 30th - Jan 3rd
Taking off this week mostly to spend time with family.
If behind, can use this week to catch-up.

Week 6 - Jan 6th - 10th
Finish converting Campaign course tab to React.
Start on converting Campaign articles tab to React.
Fix any bugs.

Week 7 - Jan 13th - 17th
Finish converting Campaign articles tab to React.
Start on converting Campaign user tab to React.
Fix any bugs.

Week 8 - Jan 20th - 24th
Finish converting Campaign user tab to React.
Get feedback from mentors on my progress.
Fix any bugs.

Week 9 - Jan 27th - 31st
Work on feedback from mentors.
Backup week for any pending conversions of the course, articles, or user tabs.

Week 10 - Feb 3rd - 7th
Thoroughly manually test code written so far, triage list of bugs, and blockers.
Get guidance from mentors to understand and implement automated tests.
Additional backup week for any pending conversions of the course, articles, or user tabs.

Week 11 - Feb 10th - 14th
Work through bug triage list, and blockers.
Start Blogpost on entire Outreachy experience, especially with the Wiki Edu Dashboard team.

Week 12 - Feb 17th - 21st
Finish working through bug triage list.
Document code, ensure it is readable, and open PR.
Revise Blogpost.

Week 13 - Feb 24th - March 3rd
Work on any PR changes requested by mentors.
Publish Blogpost.

Event Timeline

Thanks for creating a proposal! As we are past the deadline, if you would like us to consider your proposal for review, please move it to the submitted column. Thank you!

I hope this is correct. since I have not done this before please conform this has been submitted.

@Lalitha65 Hi! As we are almost half-way through the internship period, I would encourage you to update your progress in a comment on both the proposal and the project task. Thank you :)

I finished converting the Home page and partially finished the other three more pages. After discussing with my mentor, I am estimating to complete most of my project scope by the end of my internship period.

Hi! As the Outreachy Round 19 has ended, could you consider marking this task as resolved? If not, could you share what else is remaining?

Few components are like navbar, header stats, and made some changes for ores and alerts tab
Overview tab is almost done, but the courses and articles tab is still remaining

@Lalitha65: Hi! Are you still working on this task? Wondering if this should remain open, or whether it's enough if T233243 remains open. Thanks :)

No feedback. Boldly resolving this task. If there is more to do, please create a separate ticket under T233243. Thanks.