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Create and maintain somehow a list of repos mastered in GitHub (and in Differential)
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There should be very few repos not mastered in gerrit, and for each one we should have a good, on-going reason why we do things "wrongly". Rather than let things bob along and hope we fix things, it'd be nice to have an exhaustive list of GitHub-mastered repos so e.g. we can fix all the npm audit issues appropriately.

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Github had a feature to declare a repository has being a mirror but it can no more be used. There is a hint at and an example is chromium/chromium:

chromium/chromium Mirror
mirrored from

Github search documentation mentions search qualifier mirror:true, which potentially would let us differentiate between mirror and mastered repositories.

Unfortunately there does not seem to be a way for us to flag a repository has being a mirror.

We also do not quite keep the mirrored repositories in sync with what is in Gerrit. For the replication to occur we need to manually create the project on github and when a project is deleted in Gerrit it is not necessarily deleted from GitHub, though lot of deletions are now handled via the Cleanup workflow.

I guess we could have a script listing all repositories on Gerrit and Github and do a diff. There are a few cases to deal with, on top of my mind:

  • GitHub renames such as mediawiki/core in Gerrit mapping to mediawiki-core in Github which got renamed to simply mediawiki ( )
  • Repositories deleted in Gerrit but not deleted in GitHub. Though the project description on GitHub should have a line stating it is a mirror from Gerrit

Maybe we could instead replicate Gerrit repositories to a standalone GitHub organization dedicated to mirroring? It would be closed down to just the few people managing Gerrit / github-mirrors with master repositories staying under the current wikimedia organization.

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