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Plan one day workshop with Riksarkivet
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Plan a workshop or some other thing to do as Riksarkivet were a partner in Wikimania.

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We are planning a meeting at RA on 26 February 2020 13:00–16:00 to further discussion about a workshop .

Next step is to prepare and make a draft for the meeting. This is in good contact and relation with RA.

Jopparn renamed this task from Take contact with Riksarkivet – plan one day workshop to Plan one day workshop with Riksarkivet.Feb 10 2020, 1:48 PM

@Lokal_Profil In the notes document it seem like a suggestion was made to do a batch upload from Tora. Is there a task for that? Please connect it to this task.

I guess you speak about Tora same as Property 4820 you have a draft of what they have in T233275: Connect LOD Tora church parishes and administrative parishes with Wikidata a stopper has been that we cant do federation with them see T234431: Get Tora on the SPARQL Federation whitelist and when we do Tora -> Wikidata example then I feel the SPARQL engine of Tora is rather week .... plus I am not sure I trust the quality of Tora 100%

  1. If you will try to touch the parishes (socknar/församlingar) then its not just an upload you will have a mismatch of the TORA data and WIkidata and I feel the Wikidata is better managed by Yger so speak with him before creating a minor chaos is my advice,,.,,
  2. FYI I created a property P 7434 "Sverige Nationella Arkivdatabas topografiska databas" that is not populated and Olof think we should use Tora instead ....

I am less convinced that they add so much value and they have problems with the data quality....

One thing you should help them do is T200181: Link Riksarkivet SVAR "kyrkoarkiv" <-> sv:Wikipedia <-> SCB --> they get maps/information and we get more visibility for Wikipedia if they link us....

FYI we are now helping Bygdeband clean the data T248875: Bygdeband has changed URLS they have redesigned the system and will use Swedish districts as the primary concept but why not have links Riksarkivet <-> (Wikidata) <-> Bygdeband I have done redirects using Wikidata for Family Search T200515

image.png (1×2 px, 1 MB)

There is a discussion (in Swedish) here about to start to using Swedish districts in a broader way. Perhaps this will affect more institutions and other projects at Wikidata:

Re @Tore_Danielsson_WMSE FYI maybe we also will add links Bygdeband församling <-> Wikidata --> we have NAD Property 5324 and can also link Riksarkivet SVAR

We have done that for Family search that use the hub tool see T201404#4682277 to link Riksarkivet SVAR....

see more GITHUB WikidataBygdeband issue 7 Församlingar: Wikidata <-> Bygdeband

Here you have a prototype that the TORA people havnt seen how they could with 4 lines code integrate with sv:Wikipedia using API:Search.

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