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Special Characters do not export well from civi
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Here is the file name: Copy of Civi Names with Special Characters - Export I've placed it on the Fundraising server

Some you will notice are special characters in civi and export in a way that forces us to manually update each one.

This is time consuming when it comes to the annual appeal.

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@NNichols where on the server - just looking for it

@Eileenmcnaughton I just moved it into the Tech folder - "Civi Names with Special Characters - Export"

@NNichols I think I have it now but I think we need to jump on a screen share to compare what we are seeing

Aklapper renamed this task from Special Chartacters do not export well from civi to Special Characters do not export well from civi.Nov 15 2019, 11:18 PM

@Eileenmcnaughton just opening up this task again, Leanne recently checked this and special characters are still showing up funny in exports.

OK last time around I could replicate the issue on Excel - but now I can export just fine for that contact - shall we look at in fortnightly

DStrine added a subscriber: DStrine.

We found out that this is an issue with a specific version of office on @LeanneS 's computer. OIT might have a new version.