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Create new Phab project tag "homer"
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We started a new project in SRE named "homer", it would be great to have a matching tag.

It should be similar to the "netbox" tag:


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ayounsi created this task.Thu, Nov 7, 1:21 AM
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@Reedy, @ayounsi: Can one of you please add a project description in the "Description" field (and if existing also a link to a wiki page with more information what "homer" is)? See

I'm mentioning this as Phabricator is a public place. It's hard to contribute (report / find / triage tickets; follow projects one is interested in; potentially get involved and contribute code; avoiding mis-filed issues; etc) for people outside of some team or organization if it's hard to find out what a Phab project is [not] about. Thanks!

@Aklapper sure!

Homer is Wikimedia's network configuration manager

Aklapper closed this task as Resolved.Thu, Nov 7, 3:27 PM

Thanks a lot; added :)