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Explore ways to avoid loading the whole article when showing only one section
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As part of Section Translation (T243495), we plan to support a new mode for Content Translation where users can translate a single section (T234323), as a key step of the Section Translation workflow. The approach followed for the initial support for this was to load the whole article and hide other sections. This is an approach is not ideal but it is safe for cross-section content such as references that are added by name with their contents defined in another section.

This ticket proposes to explore ways to safely resolve cross-section content, to minimize the additional content loaded. For example, we can consider expanding references to their full definition for the selected section. It may be relevant to study how Visual Editor supported section editing on mobile, and early explorations from the Parsing team (1) (2).

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From the experience of SX development, resolving inter-section references, it is must load the full article to VE. But this does not mean that we have to render it. In SX, we create a dummy, temporary target , let ve resolve all references to local references, then use those sections as standalone section for further workflow inlcuding displaying the editor, translation and publishing. We can follow the same approach here too. But just loading everything to VE and hiding unwanted sections gives the same result with less coding complicaitons IMO.