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Provide file with items to be translated so Dutch language interface is possible for OpenRefine
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@Pintoch Can you point us (before the Techstorm) towards a file with all the OR interface items that can be translated in Dutch. We would like to provide a Dutch interface for OR (after the Techstorm)

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Yes! The simplest way to translate OpenRefine is to use Weblate:
The UI strings are grouped into modules that can be translated independently. "Translations" is for the main features, "wikidata" is for the Wikidata-specific ones (from the Wikidata extension), "gdata" is for the Google extension, and so on.

If you prefer to tweak files directly, you can do it here:
but it is really not recommended, Weblate adds all sorts of useful checks on the translations so it is worth using that.

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