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Special:Logs -- "All public logs" is misleading.
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The menu item, "All public logs" is horribly misleading. It's really, "all logs except the patrol, review, tag and thanks logs". The problem is, it says, "All" in the most prominent place on the page, with no indication what you really need to go reading other places to understand that "All" doesn't really mean "All". Change it to "Most public logs", or "All public logs, except for ....", or "All, but see exceptions above", or something like that.

See this thread for background.

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RoySmith created this task.Fri, Nov 8, 2:27 PM
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This is not an i18n problem, it's a UX problem. The whole form needs re-thinking.

Suppose this page could just be renamed from "all public logs" to "combined public logs" ?

AlanM1 added a subscriber: AlanM1.Fri, Nov 8, 9:07 PM

Or just "Public logs".

If it said, "Public logs", and I didn't see any thanks, the obvious assumption would be that thanks were not public.

The problem seems to arise from using MediaWiki:All-logs-page text in both the Special:Log title and the dropdown. The title should get its own text ("Public logs"?) and the dropdown should get its own too.

Stryn added a subscriber: Stryn.Sun, Nov 10, 8:57 AM