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Better sans-serif headings font-weight balance possible with serif headlines?
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In modern front-end times, and with better fonts, we are not limited to bold and normal as font-weight any more.

As of now, the serif headings h1 use '400' while h2-h5 uses 700. This results in an imbalanced look IMO.

image.png (768×1 px, 145 KB)

I'd suggest to evaluate 600:

image.png (761×1 px, 145 KB)

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Hey 👋, just fiddled around in the console with this on I’m in favor of font-weight: 600;. It feels more harmonic with h1, whereas 700 is competing with it.

Patch provided at Also clarifying language a lil better and resolving an error in a sentence.

The updated style looks good to me. As pointed above, h2 headers have a better balance with h1, while still working well with respect the body text.

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