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Co-maintainers needed for VideoCutTool.
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VideoCutTool aims to trim and crop on fly videos in Wikimedia commons, This tool is to perform trim, crop, rotate and audio disability and hosted in Wikimedia Cloud VPS.

VideoCutTool v0.3 is live here:
This tool is built and version 0.1 is released as a part of the Google Summer of Code-2019 and VideoCutTool version 0.3 is released in Virtual Wikimedia Hackathon 2020.

Technologies: ReactJS, NodeJS, ffmpeg,
More information can be found here:

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I am willing to maintain the tool. I have great experiences with toolsforge technologies like webservices and mediawiki technologies like mediawiki-apis, abuse-filter. But I also want to say that i only have intermediate knowledge of nodejs and basic knowledge of reactjs. I can only work with limit to make sure tool is up and no serious bug. Thanks :)

Thanks @Jayprakash12345 for showing your interest to maintain the tool, We are glad to welcome you to be as a co-maintainer of VideoCutTool, We shall discuss about the project goals soon.

Thanks @Jayprakash12345 There is still a fair bit of work to do to get the tool working across the board. For example it does not handle large files currently.

Hi @Jayprakash12345 VideoCutTool workboard can be found here, Please feel free to assign yourself if you are planning to work on this tasks.

Yes as per the @Doc_James feedback some times VideoCutTool is failing for the larger videos, there is also a phab task for this ticket here as a high priority.

Feel free to discuss with me for any further quires.

Hi @Gopavasanth, I can only work on this tool after next month. Currently, I am busy to implementing user script for Indic communities.

@Gopavasanth thank you for your work implementing this nice tool!

To make sure @Jayprakash12345 have access to the tool, can you please add him as maintainer in
(or only the relevant project(s) - I didn't follow what project from the 3 need co-maintainer)

Before doing it, it is recommended to verify there are no "secrets" (your private data, your private passwords) in /data/project/video-cut-tool-front-end

@Gopavasanth Thank you, Happy New Year in advance \o/, will start work on the tool from new year :)

eranroz claimed this task.

Thanks! moving the task to resolved.

Also, Added @Jayprakash12345 as a collaborator/maintainer in both the code repos: VideoCutTool-front-end: and VideoCutTool-back-end

As @Jayprakash12345 is busy these days, We are looking for active co-maintainers for the tool's technical maintenance.

As you already made some good contributions to the tool so pinging @Crutishnyk, @IAmNetx if you are interested as a technical co-maintainer to the tool?

Thank you, @Gopavasanth, for the high trust level to me, but currently, I can't accept this rank because I am busy with my projects. Sorry for the rejection.

@Gopavasanth I am happy to a co-maintainer as I have worked with the tool in past few months and I have good experience with the stack it uses.

@Khr2003 Thank you! Yes your contributions to the tool were awesome and I believe and trust you to provide access to the tool, cloud where required :)

I had a call with @Khr2003 and added him to the project member in horizon with admin access.

@Gopavasanth: Does that mean this task should be resolved? Or is there more to do?

Hi @Aklapper, I would say to let this ticket be open if any other folks wants to take the project as a maintainer and make the good progress as currently its going a bit slow than the usual.