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XSS in wp-world
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Poke Poke.

We will have to take this tool offline unless this is addressed. This is not something we want to do, this is something we will need to do. Please respond ASAP. Security-Team will consider the maintainers here unresponsive if another week passes.

I turn off the script. So I think the issue can be closed.

It seems pg_escape_string() was not enough.

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@Kolossos - Thanks. A more long-term fix for this might be to set display_errors to false, which should hide any errors which may unintentionally render XSS payloads like this. It's also just a good best practice for any public-facing application or service, though I'm not certain how feasible this is within the Tools environment.

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n.b. we should probably contact the researcher as well so they can update the issue on as being resolved.

(Update: researcher emailed on 2019-11-26 with request to resolve OBB bug.)

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@sbassett Question for the future, is htmlentities() for all input-parameters the right way to go?

@Kolossos - in most cases where general html sanitization is required, I'd probably recommend PHP's htmlspecialchars() function. Per's documentation, it will convert a smaller set of characters to their html entities as opposed to htmlentities() which will convert a lot more, possibly unnecessarily. The one tricky thing with both htmlspecialchars() and htmlentities() is to make sure you understand the appropriate sanitization contexts. For example, if you were sanitizing html attributes, you'd want to use the ENT_QUOTES option (see flags).