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Enable HTTP/3 (QUIC) support on Wikimedia servers
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QUIC is now supported in by Chrome, Opera and other chromium based browsers. Enabling it may help the servers in more efficiently using bandwidth and increase performance.

RFCs published May 2021

RFC 8999 pdfVersion-Independent Properties of QUIC
RFC 9000 pdfQUIC: A UDP-Based Multiplexed and Secure Transport
RFC 9001 pdfUsing TLS to Secure QUIC
RFC 9002 pdfQUIC Loss Detection and Congestion Control

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We should consider QUIC and HTTP/3 adoption carefully as it implies a switch from TCP to UDP, and that could open new (D)DoS vectors and render unusable some mitigation techniques.

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@Masumrezarock100 This is something that needs to be done on the operations side of thigs, so i've removed Site-Requests which is for local wiki config changes.

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Mozilla now supports HTTP/3 and the editor's draft has reached the final call, RFC should only be a short time away.

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