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envoy overwrites the server header
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envoy is overwriting the server header in some scenarios:

(eqsin) $ curl -v 2>&1 |grep server:
< server: envoy
(codfw) $ curl --resolve -v 2>&1 |grep server:
< server: restbase2014


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Vgutierrez triaged this task as Medium priority.Tue, Nov 12, 9:50 AM

Change 550436 had a related patch set uploaded (by Vgutierrez; owner: Vgutierrez):
[operations/puppet@production] envoyproxy: Avoid overwriting existing server header

Change 550436 merged by Vgutierrez:
[operations/puppet@production] envoyproxy: Avoid overwriting existing server header

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Fixed with 2428105:

(eqsin) $ curl -v 2>&1 |grep server:
< server: restbase1017
mobrovac reopened this task as Open.Wed, Nov 20, 9:11 AM
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This doesn't seem to be working as expected. On the client, I always get Server: envoy:

$ curl -v
< HTTP/2 200
< server: envoy
Joe added a subscriber: Joe.Wed, Nov 20, 9:41 AM

Ok, a bit of digging:

# From the public internet

$ for dc in eqiad codfw esams eqsin ulsfo; do echo -n "$dc: "; curl --resolve$(dig +short text-lb.$ "" -v 2>&1 | grep -F server:; done
eqiad: < server: restbase1018
codfw: < server: restbase2012
esams: < server: envoy
eqsin: < server: envoy
ulsfo: < server: envoy

So this seems to be mysteriously tied to having an ATS-BE making the request to restbase.

Joe added a comment.Wed, Nov 20, 9:52 AM

Not very misteriously, the edges use ATS-BE so they call envoy, while the main dcs are still contacting restbase directly. Meh.

Joe added a comment.Wed, Nov 20, 9:56 AM

And indeed it seems things are not working as expected:

restbase2015:~$ curl restbase2015:7231/ -Is | grep -F server:
server: restbase2015
restbase2015:~$ curl -k https://restbase2015:7443/ -Is | grep -F server:
server: envoy

this is because the configuration directive we're trying to use was included in 1.12.0 that we're still not using.

See the docs about the server header here:

Vgutierrez moved this task from Triage to TLS on the Traffic board.Fri, Nov 22, 4:04 AM

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2019-11-22T14:49:48Z] <_joe_> disabling puppet on restbase2018, testing envoy upgrade T238050

Joe added a comment.Fri, Nov 22, 2:52 PM

Confirmed the upgrade fixes the Server: header output:

restbase2018:~$ curl -k https://restbase2018:7443/ -Is | fgrep server:
server: restbase2018
Joe added a comment.Fri, Nov 22, 2:53 PM

@Vgutierrez I think you can just upgrade envoy across the fleet when you feel confident enough.