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Allow oversighters to turn off email
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Author: jake

This is, in my view, an extremely necessary child protection feature. Often users disclose themselves as underage on wiki. Their userpages are suppressed, but there is no way for us to keep them from receiving email after the fact from indiviudals who may have seen their disclosure before it was removed. A Special page should be created, accessible to oversighters, that prevents the user from sending or receiving emails. The resulting action should go in the suppression log.

Version: 1.16.x
Severity: enhancement
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apoc2400 wrote:

This looks like a good idea. I think the ability to disable incoming emails for a user could be extended to all administrators, not just oversighters. Outgoing email is not as problematic, and I believe it can already be disabled when blocking a user.

Thehelpfulonewiki wrote:

Needs wider discussion - please start a discussion if you think this is still valid, but bearing in mind the userpages are suppressed, I don't think it would necessarily be right to stop users from sending emails once the pages have been suppressed. I'll can start a discussion tomorrow on this if you think it's still a valid request.

Can accounts with suppressed usernames receive emails? If so, that should be disabled.
I think there should be a block option to prevent the account receiving email. I dont think the log entry should be suppressed by default; an oversighter can suppress the log reason if necessary.

mattbisanz wrote:

I agree with disabling the ability to receive email. If it is required, please start a request somewhere on the Village Pump and I will comment there as well.

This is a request for a MW feature, and not a feature activation on a WMF wiki, This doesn't need community consensus if someone chooses to write and implement the requested feature.

Maybe it's a cultural issue or something but I don't understand why such "extremely necessary child protection feature" is necessary?

What is your definition of "underage"? Under 10? 13? 18?

(In reply to comment #6)

If people are still interested in this,

I made this "lowest enhancement", but on second thought I'm closing this WONTFIX.
What you want is bug 4995, while forcefully disabling email *receiving* to an user makes very little sense: the user can disable email in the preferences if wished/needed.

Quoting Chad:

This is not the way to go about doing this--I do not think this should be coupled with the blocking system at all.

The biggest problem is that we want to remove their ability to receive e-mail, but not necessarily edit (this has been the same issue with upload, sending e-mail, editing talkpages, and every other random permission we want to block). The second problem is that receiving e-mail is not a permission at all, so this entire thing is a kludge.

If you're going to do this, please just do it right by fixing bug 14636 so we can block individual rights without having to do a schema change every time someone comes up with $newThingTheyWantToBlock.