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VirtualPageView Event Platform Migration
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We need to keep client_ip and geocoded data for this schema.

This migration will be different than others, as VirtualPageView does not use the EventLogging extension Javascript client to send events. This was done years ago to work around a Do Not Track restriction in EventLogging. This restriction no longer exists, so it should be possible to modify the code in the Popups extension to call mw.eventLog.logEvent instead of sendBeacon directly.

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Oof. I think VirtualPageView is a bad choice for our first port.

The Popups extension doesn't use the eventLog.logEvent interface; they built their own and call sendBeacond directly to get around EventLogging's DNT check.

@Ottomata ae you thinking next quarter we will do teh instraumentation of session length but also an additional port of another event?

Not to necessarily port another event, but at least prepare to do so. If things turn out to be easy, then sure, we can port.

We can't do VirtualPageView because they totally bypass EventLogging. Instead, I'll work on T249261: Vertical: Migrate SearchSatisfaction EventLogging event stream to Event Platform.

Sounds good, added the searchsatisfaction ticket to goals.

@sdkim @Ottomata @jlinehan When we migrate this, we need to make sure we include geocoded data. It's important for our high-level metrics (this is included in content interactions, and we look at this by geography).

Also looping in @cchen since she's using this data

@kzimmerman acknowledged. Last speaking to @Ottomata, this would require it's own migration plan and has been slotted at the end of our migration schedule

When we migrate this, we need to make sure we include geocoded data

Great, thanks for the heads up. Can do. :)

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FYI: the KaiOS-Wikipedia-app is also logging virtual page views so let us know when we should start sending those to event gate.

Oh! Cool. Q: are there any upcoming schema modificiations? If not, we can migrate the schema ASAP, which would enable KaiOS to produce VirtualPageVieww events to EventGate now. If we do that, we'd like to edit protect the metawiki schema, so we don't have to synchronize changes between the systems.

Hi all, FYI, I'd like to migrate this schema in Q4.