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Petscan batch for commons requiring autoconfirm acct but I am autoconfirmed
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Hi there, here's the problem / bug I'm looking for help with.

I'm editing structured data files in commons and aiming to improve the precision of an ac/cd command using Petscan.

I went to the category I had already edited ( clicked on Petscan, made sure file was selected, then in the command box inserted -P1552:Q27686 to remove from the 144 images in that category.

This is where I hit a roadblock. When I landed on the Petscan page, the batch pulled (See screenshot 1)

This never starts.

I click on the "start new batch" icon to get the process moving, but I am told that I need to be autoconfirmed, however my username is autoconfirmed in Commons.

Seeking assistance in how I can complete the petscan process. Am I pressing the wrong button or is the glitch in misunderstanding my autoconfirmed user rights.


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Masumrezarock100 added a project: Tools.

Closing this as invalid because this not the correct place to report local gadget/tool problems. I found no related project tag on Phabricator. You should contact the developer, @Magnus and raise this issue at . Thanks!