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API returning empty results for list=usercontribs
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Author: matthew.britton

The API is returning empty results for list=usercontribs on Wikimedia sites. Example:

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matthew.britton wrote:

Tested locally with wmf-deployment branch, works fine.

Server admin log for December 11 has:

  1. 01:26 logmsgbot: midom synchronized php-1.5/includes/api/ApiQueryUserContributions.php
  2. 00:37 Tim: killed long-running (34ks) API contributions query on db12, apparently filled up /a/tmp

which would be about when the problem started. Either the change is buggy or disabling the query was the intention, if the latter can it at least give an error message rather than blank output, it's breaking various tools.

Proposed fix: Add check for empty 'ucuser=' parameter to ApiQueryUserContributions.php

I suspect this may be the reason why it has been disabled:


results in

SELECT /* ApiQueryContributions::execute */ rev_timestamp,page_namespace,page_title,rev_user_text,rev_deleted,rev_page,rev_id,page_latest,rev_comment,rev_len,rev_minor_edit,rev_parent_id FROM page,revision FORCE INDEX (usertext_timestamp) WHERE (page_id=rev_page) AND ((rev_deleted & 4) = 0) ORDER BY rev_timestamp DESC LIMIT 11

which will filesort the entire revision table due to the missing 'rev_user_text'-condition.


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Created an attachment (id=6871) [details]
Proposed fix: Add check for empty 'ucuser=' parameter to

Domas applied this patch as a live hack, and I committed it to trunk in r59953.