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🎬 eMailings - Data export – ⏰ 14.11.
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An oopsie happened with the trackings of the eMailings and we need a data export to check if the data we tried to collect wasn't recorded at all or can be reproduced.

For that we need a full data export from Sunday (10.11.) until today for the following tracking:

  • ma191110org
  • ma191110wmde
  • no tracking data

Specifically the data for the keywords c3 and d3 from ma191110org and e3 from ma191110wmde are missing in the backend and also in the export to VEWA.
That's why we hope to find the missing data in the exports here.

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kai.nissen subscribed.

Since the campaign name and keyword are stored as one, I'm pretty sure that nothing is stored if one of the parameters is missing. I updated the task description to include data sets with no tracking as well.

chrp renamed this task from eMailings - Data export to 🎬 eMailings - Data export.Nov 14 2019, 8:45 AM

thanks @kai.nissen !

Since this has a hefty impact on accounting processes it would be really good to get this today if possible

chrp renamed this task from 🎬 eMailings - Data export to 🎬 eMailings - Data export – ⏰ 14.11..Nov 14 2019, 11:42 AM

@gabriel-wmde after talking to Carsten who is analysing this data, it is clear that the interesting info would be in the "no tracking data" part.
Is there any chance to get the data in those fields filled with any data export or will they always remain empty?

@JanJaquemot Gabriels says no. Nope, there is no magic source of data that we just dont have :D

Can we move this card?

Okay, thought so. We are going with a plan B to retrieve the data. Thanks for the effort!
Can be moved.

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