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unconference: phpunit test runner improvements, removing maintenance class, etc
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Following up from, what are future improvements we can make?

Specifically, should removing tests/phpunit/phpunit.php and related code be a priority (in favor of the vanilla PHPUnit command vendor/bin/phpunit), and if so how do we go about that?


Session: phpunit test runner improvements, removing maintenance class, etc


Leads: Kosta

Would be nice to…

  • run the integration tests directly with phpunit, not just the unit tests
  • move the integration tests into their own directory (core + extensions + skins)
    • enforce the directory?
  • get rid of groups / suites? (Which? Both?)
    • @group database is a pointless duplication of MediaWikiIntegrationTestCase now.
  • Get rid of the sub-classes like RLTestCase?
    • Maybe move to traits instead of sub-classes?
    • Helpful to understand what use cases there are for the different test cases, when who should use which?
      • Documentation complexity tied up with this directory
    • AGREED: Move RL case into integration directory and rename, etc.
  • DISCUSSION: Consider moving items to traits?
  • DISCUSSION: Can we scrap MediaWikiPHPUnitCommand.php and move into phpunit.xml?
  • Getting rid of some of the old crap may be hard due to use in labyrithine code repos like Wikibase
  • ACTION: James to add a comment explaining how expectedDeprecated() works.
  • DISCUSSION: Abort on --use-normal-tables and --reuse-db ? Ask Daniel and Timo?
  • Could we get rid of MediaWikiUnitTestCase and use PHPUnitTestCase directly with some listeners?
    • Hard. But maybe.

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