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job queue insert rate metrics gone from Grafana
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Description (deprecated)
and (considered canonical)

Are showing N/A insert rates:

All other metrics, including processing rate seem to be ok. Not sure if a dashboard or prometheus issue. Seems like a metric important enough to report a bug against.

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Just "fixed" the removing cluster='eventbus' from the broken metrics.

As discussed on IRC, the EventBus service has been deprecated in favor of EventGate main, and this is the new dashboard:
Not sure if we still need the old eventbus one or if it can be deleted, let's ask to CPT for confirmation :)

In both cases, be it deprecated or not, probably we will want better discoverability (tags) on the new dashboards, documentation update and potentially adding a link to the above dashboards on the old one (just a suggested fix).

My personal use case is "did I break the job queue on master failover, lets check metrics?", and I didn't find that new dashboard by searching job queue on grafana or wikitech.

Yes yes, we need it! All the JobQueue stats are there, so please don't remove it.

Just to be clear, I wasn't suggesting removing it- mostly it was fixing the missing metrics and making things more easy to find/document.

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I've fixed up the last few broken metrics. It seems that the job queue dashboard is in good condition now.

As an addendum, could something be improved related to T238296#5662905 ? It seems there are at least 3 dashboards related to the job queue health, and while is clearly marked as deprecated, I didn't know about T238296#5662894. I would suggest to clarify current status on wikitech or grafana itself.