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Make Page pages quality editing widget accessible
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Currently the widget that allows to edit the page quality level is only based on colors. It is probably very hard to use for color blind people. It should be made accessible.

Screenshot of the current state:

Screenshot_2019-11-14 Editing Page Wind in the Willows (1913) djvu 196 - Wikisource, the free online library(1).png (393×1 px, 52 KB)


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Inductiveload subscribed.

Anyone got any idea how this could work (without taking up a big chunk of vertical space?) Is there an accessibility team we can ask?

I did do a mock-up around a year back converting the whole widget into a dropdown. Not sure if that would count as taking up vertical space (+ it adds one more click to the editor's workflow)

Screenshot from 2021-11-19 01-05-02.png (314×1 px, 46 KB)

Hmm, definitely more accessible, but it seems a little less obvious to me for those not in need of the accessibility, because it loses the gestalt of the approximately left-to-right workflow.

Also, I think people will get pretty grumpy about the change because of the extra click and saccade onto the drop drown when it appears.

Maybe we should have both available and the user can choose (default to accessible)?

The lack of accessibility for even colour blind people got to me, so I hacked up a local gadget to at least provide a tooltip with the text. I think that's probably the absolute minimum we should do while we wait for inspiration to strike regarding a long-term solution.


Do please feel free to crib it (or even better, make it obsolete).