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Recap and reflection
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Final session of this conference!

Session Style: Theme based world cáfe (1 hour 15 min)

5 groups around 10 people each

Starting locations of themes:

  1. Local Development and onboarding - Oak (nick as scribe)
  2. Testing - Azalea (chris as scribe)
  3. Deploying and Hosting - Social Room (Basswood) (brennan as scribe)
  4. Standardization Decisions - Hickory (will as scribe)
  5. People and Processes - Magnolia (deb as scribe)

Cycling through the rooms every 15 minutes will be:

  • The theme lead (program committee member)
  • A scribe.
  • A facilitator (as available)

FOR AVOIDANCE OF DOUBT: The group of ~10 participants will STAY PUT in their room. The theme leads will move.

What happens at a station:

  • Each group has 15 min per theme.
  • Theme leaders to give a max 5min overview on outcome of sessions in their track.
  • Question for group: What are your main takeaways from the sessions in this theme?
  • Question for group: What topics, action items, etc. have we missed in this theme?

Event Timeline

@Bmueller I can be a scribe for the People and Processes - Magnolia session.

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