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Creating a file description page with a redirect to an existing image, doesn't purge pages using the recently created redirect
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This happens at least when using any sort of frontend caching, like varnish.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a page that embeds an image that currently doesn't exist (using [[File: xxxx.png]] syntax)
  2. Visit the page using private browsing, as anonymous, so the page gets cached
  3. Edit the file description page of step 1, redirecting it to a file that actually exists (using #REDIRECT[[File: filethatexists.png]] syntax)
  4. Wait until all jobs are run, and then repeat the step 2

Expected results: The page now displays the image correctly instead of a red link

Current results: The page displays a red link in place of the image until the page is manually purged or edited.

Note that uploading an actual file instead of creating a redirect works as expected.

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Other issues related to the (lack of) purging for HTTP caches for File description pages:

These generally speaking orthogonal issues. I'm mentioning them here because the fact that we have so many of these kind of issues suggests a general principle of cache purging for these kinds of pages may be missing or malfunctioning more generally. Knowing which cases are affected might help in debugging this. Also, once fixed for this task's use case, it's worth checking of some of these other ones end up being automatically fixed as well.