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Links to edit Senses and Forms can't be reached with the keyboard
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The edit links for senses and form are not reachable by tabbing with the keyboard.

See for example:

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Michael added a subscriber: Lucas_Werkmeister_WMDE.

This has already been fixed at some point in the past. If I recall correctly, by @Lucas_Werkmeister_WMDE.

Hm, do you mean T203461: Have the focus on field when adding new element on Sense?

I think there’s still a minor issue here – it looks like the all the statements of a Sense or Form come before the “edit” button for the glosses or grammatical representations in the tab order – so if you tab through a lexeme, the focus kind of jumps up and down. If the statement list is long enough, this forces scrolling on the page as well, which is why on Beta’s L1 I didn’t even realize what was happening – I needed to see the tab order on L3 and L5 first. But I guess that can be part of the more general T201588: Improve keyboard navigation on Lexeme pages.