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MobileFrontend sometimes goes to diff page instead of pending changes review page
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If I want to review a change at Special:PendingChanges, when pressing the review button on a mobile device (or with the MobileFrontend enabled) I'll be taken to the Special:MobileDiff page without having the option to review that diff. Sometimes I can review the diff but for most of the time, I can't.

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Diffs have nothing to do with Minerva. That's MobileFrontend.

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This will need to be done in FlaggedRevs. Given T185664 not likely to happen.

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Why should FlaggedRevs clean up the mess created by MobileFrontend adding a new special page? Special:MobileDiff not only provides a completely different UI, but also doesn’t provide the standard hook DifferenceEngineViewHeader that FlaggedRevs wants to use. Yes, it provides its own hook BeforeSpecialMobileDiffDisplay—with a different name and completely different signature. We could probably add an extra compatibility layer in FlaggedRevs to support MobileFrontend—and any other extension that relies on the standard hook—, but MF is (kind of) broken here, not FR.

By the way,

Sometimes I can review the diff but for most of the time, I can't.

I think it depends on how many revisions are there to review: if only one, then Special:MobileDiff takes over the diff display and breaks the mechanism adding the review form; if there are multiple revisions, the native MediaWiki diff appears, which contains the review form. (Yet another argument against Special:MobileDiff—it’s not even self-consistent, sometimes it appears, sometimes it doesn’t.)

Why should FlaggedRevs clean up the mess created by MobileFrontend adding a new special page?

It doesn't have to, but MobileFrontend is not going to address this problem.

The long-term plan with MobileFrontend is to merge the functionality with the desktop diff page and remove the mobile-specific page. That work is tracked into T117279. Feel free to resolve this as a duplicate of that ticket, but we do not plan to do any further work on the existing diff page. At this time I can't promise any timelines.

I think removing Special:MobileDiff will address this problem; I consider that a perfectly acceptable solution. I hope it will happen soon, but considering how well FlaggedRevs is maintained, any finite amount of time will be sooner than when it’d be worked around on FlaggedRevs side. :)

Sounds good! Thanks for the understanding! Hope we can work something out soon.