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RECRUITMENT - Scheduling
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Create and fill schedule for section translation concept validation

  1. Establish scheduling tool - opting to simply propose flexible time slots based on participant timezone data that we're collecting in screener
  2. Create slots - First 5 participants complete
  3. Email invites to schedule - First 5 participants complete
  4. Confirmations and reminders - First 5 participants complete

20 Nov UPDATE: 19 follow-up emails sent to screener participants inviting them to schedule a time slot

9 Dec UPDATE: Query re-run (expanded edit counts), 22 users contacted via talk page, 7 users completed screener, and follow-up scheduling emails sent to these 7 users

19 Dec UPDATE: Re-ran query to try to identify newer contributors. Currently sit at 40 submissions to screener survey, but continuing to message submissions to get session times confirmed. Attempting with follow-up messages and talk page posts.

7 Jan UPDATE: 10 participants complete, with 1 additional scheduled for 9 Jan. Closing this task.

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Easikingarmager triaged this task as Medium priority.