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Create endpoint to extract low level data for a list of entity IDs.
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The purpose of this API is to provide low level analysis, which would for a given list of entity IDs:

  • collect all site links and references
  • collect statements about statements
  • collect statements about the entity
  • return collected statements with corresponding IVs. Format of the output is default for Blazegraph BigdataStatementImpl.toString(), including subject, predicate and object for each triple, it's type (EXPLICIT, IMPLICIT, AXIOM), and IVs for subject, predicate and object.

This endpoint initially introduced to test MergingUpdater (see T231411), but might be used to research other issues and data analysis.

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Hi @Igorkim78. Can you please associate at least one active project with this task (via the Add Action...Change Project Tags dropdown). This will allow others to get notified and see this task when looking at the corresponding project workboard. Thanks! Is this about Wikidata-Query-Service maybe?

We're moving away from the merging updater in favor for a streaming updater.