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Make possible to disable suggestededit-add for a user
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Please see this; as an administrator of Wikidata, I want to remove a user's access to suggestededit-add. I am tired of fixing the wrong and incorrect descriptions suggested by this feature. The user is not a vandal (so I cannot block him/her, there is no quick cure) but uses the gadget wrongly. The funniest thing is that s/he has access to it even thought her/his first edits were incorrect and I had to fix all of them. Please do something as soon as possible, I do not want to fix 50+ items.

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@Bencemac Why not discuss it with the user?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We are very close to releasing an updated version of the Suggested Edits feature that will address precisely this kind of situation: it will track the number of the user's edits that have been reverted, and if the number of reverts exceeds a certain threshold, the feature will become disabled.

wrong and incorrect descriptions suggested by this feature

To clarify, the Suggested Edits feature itself does not suggest a description to add; it merely shows articles that are missing a description, and asks the user to populate it. So if this user is writing descriptions that are incorrect, wouldn't that be considered unconstructive editing, and possibly grounds for a temporary block (after, of course, a warning on the user's talk page)?

@Bencemac As @Dbrant says, we've tried to act on these complaints and hopefully that will rectify problems like these. But in general, I would recommend that you treat them as any other edits – it's a tool like any other, and the suggestion in the name of the tool is that they edit, not what they write.

I'm not telling you how to patrol your wiki, but like @Dbrant I'd treat these as any other edits. It's just another interface.

(My solution as an admin on my home wiki – in my normal, non-WMF capacity – would have been to block the user, leave a nice message on the talk page explaining the problem and telling them to reply and they will be unblocked when they've understood the issue, but how to deal with situations like these differs from wiki to wiki, of course.)

Sorry about the suggestion part, I was not familiar with the gadget (because when I tried, I could not set it up with my account). I find generally this issue problematic. Your solutions are good because I know only one problematic editor. But what should we do if we have dozens? It is already a hard job to patrol alone a language completely, so I am sure about that I would not even try to do that if I have to deal with unstoppable non-vandal but incorrect edits too. I do not know what the others think, but I could imagine that it is already a problem with few languages.

We take it seriously, of course. We really don't want to add to the burden of patrollers more than absolutely necessary, though of course all editing comes with a certain amount of edits that aren't really helpful. No way around that, unfortunately. (:

It's not just about Wikidata. I recently rollbacked a bunch of bad captions added using suggested-edits on Commons. That user had even been blocked on Wikidata. Suggested-edits should not give others suggestion when they are blocked on other projects IMO.

@Masumrezarock100: Yes, the next release, early next week, will check both projects and not allow users to use the suggested edits functionality anywhere if they've been blocked on either project. (:

(Other editing will work or not work as it normally does, in the app and elsewhere, of course, depending on community blocks – it's not up to us to block or not block users, but we do our best to not encourage users who aren't helpful, to not add on the burden of patrolling the wikis.)

Closing this ticket - the release mentioned above has now gone out, and the app will check Commons and Wikidata, and not allow users access to Suggested edits if they are blocked on either project.