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Hardware request for Postgres database for censorship monitoring scripts
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I am looking to deploy our censorship monitoring scripts, one of which uses OONI's metadb [], a PostgreSQL database with an approximate current size of 719GB.

I understand that Postgres is not the preferred database of choice but OONI uses that and so we are stuck with it. The database also has a lot of historic information so we need to query it occasionally and thus having it deployed makes it easier.

Note that this is not critical as we are making read-only queries to the database and so even if it fails, we can deploy it again.

Other requirements:

OS: Linux
Architecture: x86_64
Postgres version: 9.6

Please let me know if you have any questions about this. Thank you.

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Adding some extra info as we 've discussed with @ssingh before this task was filed. After the discussion it became obvious that a ganeti VM would not be a good candidate for this, mainly because of the disk size requirement.

Server Type: Traditional, a spare system would probably do just fine.
CPU/RAM/Storage: Aside from the need for ~1TB of disk space, the rest seem, assuming the usual reasonable ratios of CPU/RAM we have across the fleet seem fine.
Network: Internal IP
SSL Requirements: It does not need to terminate it's own SSL
Duration: Permanent
OS: 9.6 postgres means stretch. For now it should be fine, but looking into whether the software supported postgres 11 (aka Debian buster) might be worth it.

Ok, this is an odd one and doesn't meet any of our current configuration requirements. The only reason this isn't a VM is due to storage requirements being < 1TB. Our single (and dual CPU) misc class systems would work for this, except they have (2) 480GB SSDs.

We will likely need to order a new single cpu misc class system, but swap the (2) 480GB SSD for (2) 2TB SATA SFF disks in raid1 to meet the requirement.

I'll create a procurement task and link it to this. The procurement task will include the pricing and approvals.

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Alternatively, we use existing spare pool system wmf5174 or wmf5175 which have dual SSDs, and then swap in dual 2TB SFF disks if they have any spare in eqiad.

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Please note this task is now pending the approval of @faidon in conjunction with associated HDD purchase task T238652.


We would like to allocate single CPU misc system WMF5174 for use as a postgres db system for censorship monitoring scripts. It will have to have its dual 480GB SSDs swapped out with the dual 2TB SATA disks being ordered via T238652.

Basically both need approval together, or we'll need to go with a different solution. Thanks!

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Setup is being done via T239250, resolving task.