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Navbox on Wikispore
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Trying to get Template:Navbox to work on Wikispore in a similar way to how it works on English Wikipedia and other projects.

I've copied over the main template and several subsidiary templates (using the 2013 pre-Lua versions), but it still looks odd.

Looks like on Wikispore:

Looks like on English Wikipedia:

Event Timeline

@Amire80 suggested the issue was possibly CSS., either missing CSS code from TemplateStyles or from Common.css. What do you think, @jeremyb @Tgr ?

@Amire80 substantially improved by importing from English Wikipedia

Yeah, I copied some of it, but we should probably copy the whole modern navbox template, which probably requires Lua. Is there a particular reason not to install Scribunto on this wiki? It should be standard by now.