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About our volunteer insurance
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This task is mostly to save information about our volunteer insurance.

We have a volunteer insurance at Trygg-Hansa. It is based on an estimate of 500 people who volunteer for 15 days per year up to 10 hours per year. This is an estimated averge, it's okay to have some volunteers who work quite a bit more and some who work quite a bit less. If we think that this is wildly off, that the number of volunteers is too high for example, we can adjust it.

Trygg-Hansa customer support says that we don't need to keep a list of all volunteers for them to be covered by the insurance, but the demand for documentation increases with the severity of a claim. For example, if a volunteer is severly injured Trygg-Hansa will ask us to provide them with documentation showing that the person actually is a volunteer, and so it would be good if we had a list where we keep their contact information, and it might also be good if we can show how many hours someone has volunteered for us, and in some cases we might be happy if we are able to show documentation of an agreement with the volunteer about them doing work for Wikimedia Sverige.

You don't need to be a member of Wikimedia Sverige to be covered by the volunteer insurance, but you are only covered if you are a volunteer. Participants at membership meetings or courses are not volunteers, and are not covered by the volunteer insurance.

If participants get hurt and argue that Wikimedia Sverige is responsible, we would turn to the ansvarsförsäkring which is a part of our Småföretagsförsäkring at Folksam. This is also where we would turn if something is broken by a volunteer or participant at a venue we are renting, the ansvarsförsäkring is relevant when someone argues that Wikimedia Sverige is responsible for damage. The customer support at Folksam were careful to point out that the ansvarsförsäkring is not a olycksfallsförsäkring, but it is applicable if someone makes a claim toward Wikimedia Sverige.

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To do

  • Change to 200 volunteers for 20 days and 50 hours