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[[MediaWiki:Visualeditor-align-desc-center/da]] translation issue
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The description of this text (in English "center") says "Description of aligning text to center, used in describing change" which is not enough to understand the exact usage. How is it specifically used in describing change? In what context? And why is it written with an initial lowercase letter ("center")? It's important to know this in order to be able to translate it correctly.


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I guess that "describing change" refers to an edit summary, but I'm not sure. Perhaps Jess or Peter will know better?

🡒 VisualEditor as per string ID, so someone could find this task.

Amire80 claimed this task.

@matmarex and @Schnark, thanks for the example links.

@Aklapper, thanks for the tagging.

@Jhertel, thanks for reporting.

I updated the documentation in translatewiki for this message, as well as for other related messages. I'm closing this. Please reopen if it's still not clear.

Thank you everyone for your kind and helpful comments! 🙂 I understand the usage now, and I believe the documentation in translatewiki is now sufficient for others to be able to understand it too.