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Add the concept of "Valuation Date" to the Donation domain
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T235751: ๐Ÿ› Bug | Change payment date according to the payment notification introduced the requirement of having a "valuation date" for a donation that's different from the "creation date" of a donation, for bookkeeping reasons. The current database structure does not allow for an easy introduction of another field in the Donation entity, so we took on some technical debt and "hacked" in the requirement at the export side only, using the available payment processor metadata to represent the valuation date. This ticket is about introducing the concept to the domain.

Acceptance critera:

  • Donation class has a nullable valuation date field that's stored/retrieved in the methods of all DonationRepository implementations.
  • The spenden database table gets a new field valuation_date and there is a database migration script that adds it.
  • When a donation is booked via bookDonation, it sets the valuationDate from its paymentMethod object (see
  • The donation export uses the valuation date (if not null, otherwise the creation date) instead of picking it out of the payment data.