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SPARQL: items with an Igbo label
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I would like to retrieve all items with an Igbo (ig) label.

A query that retrieves all items with an Igbo label might cause a time-out. So the query must probably be limited by f.e. all items that also have an Igbo wikipedia article.

Nice to have as well: a query that diplays the most used properties without an Igbo label.

Thank you very much on behalf of all African languages :-)

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  • Items with a label in igbo and a different title on the igbo Wikipedia:
  • Most used properties, excluding external identifiers, used on Wikidata items with an igbo sitelink, without a label in igbo, ordered by number of uses:

for the most used properties I have a python script.

Once the query exist/works, I can for sure the script for you and show the outcome ... but with PAWS you can also easily create and run it yourself ... it's just a copy-paste of the code and then to replace the sparql-query.

I will see to create a query for this tomorrow....

Thank you very much Edoderoo & Harmonia :-)

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