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GLOW Team access to superset
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Hi Moushira,
You and others can access superset by meeting the items on this list
Also, in case it's helpful, here are some steps you can take:

  1. making sure that you have a signed NDA on file. Reach out to legal if you don't or if you aren't sure so that they can confirm
  2. setting up an LDAP (aka Wikitech aka Wikimedia Developer) account. Go to and click on create an account on the top right 'create account' link. You will need to know your shell user name. See below for a little more about this.
  3. Once the account is set up, you can request access. Here's a sample access ticket T243103 request (the access here includes access to superset). Create your ticket using this ticket as a baseline.
  4. See this page for all required info.
  5. Lastly, FYI, There's a training coming up on Jan 22, 2020, carried out by product analytics, which will be recorded. I can share that recording link when it is available.

If you don't know your shell user name, take the following steps:
a) If on a mac, use Finder to open Terminal
b) type

`echo "$USER"`



c) copy the shell user name that is returned and include that in the UNIX shell user name field

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Here's a related ticket T237549, with some feedback about getting access to superset

In T237549#5641405, Nuria wrote:

A related question, is it possible to share this dashboard with GLOW team members that are not on Superset?

Well, to see a dashboard on superset you need access to superset unless you are sharing your screen. Getting access to superset is quite easy, it just involves filing a ticket with your LDAP user which is the user you use in

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