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dewiki.revision has no registered users' edits since 20191101000000
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The following query against dewiki.revision from stat1004 or stat1007:

SELECT rev_user, rev_timestamp FROM dewiki.revision WHERE (rev_timestamp >= 20191101000000);

sent through /usr/local/bin/analytics-mysql dewiki -e \"SELECT rev_user, rev_timestamp FROM dewiki.revision WHERE (rev_timestamp >= 20191101000000);\" > /pathToSomeOutfile

returns 618330 rows of which all rev_user fields have a value of 0; from the documentation we see that 0 implies:

Key to user.user_id of the user who made this edit. Stores 0 for anonymous edits and for some mass imports. rev_user int unsigned NOT NULL default 0

Is it possible that dewiki did not receive any registered users' edits and/or has received mass imports only since the beginning of November 2019?

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This column is deprecated; See T188327: Deploy refactored actor storage.