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Diff adds artificial newlines
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We have diffs, yay! But, cutting words is evil.

  1. , click "(Show Details)"

I. Observed:

​5 ld be "None" or something like that.
6 Found while cluelessly trying to figure out how to add CCs to http://fab.wmflabs
7 .org/T167#28 .

II. Expected: No artificial newlines I never added, no cut words.



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flimport raised the priority of this task from to Lowest.Sep 12 2014, 1:39 AM
flimport set Reference to fl401.

Nemo_bis wrote on 2014-09-03 14:17:04 (UTC)

raised the priority of this task from "0" to "Needs Volunteer".

What does this mean? And how it "needs volunteer" a priority?

I can't find the original diff. Maybe it was lost during the migration from fab. Could you provide another example, please?