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Reconfigure tagging
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(1) When browsing partners, users can choose to filter by tags. The tag list presented should be in alphabetical order to facilitate finding.
(2) Tag list should generally correspond with the Meta collections list (, with the addition of a multidisciplinary category
(3) When a tag is selected, a link to the corresponding Meta collection's free-to-read section should be displayed

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Nikkimaria renamed this task from Alphabetize tags to Reconfigure tagging.Dec 1 2019, 9:20 PM
Nikkimaria updated the task description. (Show Details)

Extend for tag URL field.

Text can be "See subject guide on Meta", and let's try positioning it in the currently blank area between the filter and 'suggest partner' buttons. On mobile view we should ensure that it doesn't push page content down too far.

A note that this is waiting on Authentication-based access deployment as the priority for Jason's time.

AVasanth_WMF moved this task from Review to Done on the The-Wikipedia-Library (Kanban) board.

@Nikkimaria tags are reconfigured to now accommodate Meta URLs.