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Make ProofreadPage insert the "Source" link server side in the main namespace
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Currently, ProofreadPage inserts the "source" link using a piece of JavaScript in modules/article/ext.proofreadpage.article.js. This should be done server side.

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@Tpt does this happen in the same place in public static function onSkinTemplateNavigation( SkinTemplate $skin, array &$links ) as T278572?

@Inductiveload Yes, I guess it should be also done in onSkinTemplateNavigation. The tricky part is that the "source" link is not known from the current page title but from the parser output, and onSkinTemplateNavigation do not have access to the parser output. It's why I have not done the migration to server side yet. There is maybe a good solution, I have not taken much time to look for an alternative yet.

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Done at T316169