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Remove mocha-eslint in graphoid
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The mocha-eslint package has not been updated in over a year, and appears abandoned. It requires an outdated eslint version (^4.2.0) that conflicts with the version required for eslint-config-wikimedia (^5.9.0). It should be removed from all node services.

eslint-config-node-services has been deprecated as well, so it should be replaced with eslint-config-wikimedia with service-specific overrides. See gerritbot comments on the ticket in parent task for examples.

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Mvolz renamed this task from Replace mocha-eslint in graphoid to Remove mocha-eslint in graphoid.Nov 25 2019, 11:37 AM
Mvolz created this task.

@Pchelolo if you have no objections this seems like it could be something a student could do as part of Google-Code-in-2019?

Hmm, at present hairy because of other outdated packages - will create separate bugs for those.

This comment was removed by Mvolz.

The Graphoid service has been undeployed and the repo is being archived, per T274738: Archive the graphoid service and deploy repos.