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Start up Wikispeech for AI project
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During Q3 we were informed that the project Djupinlärd talsyntes för uppläsning av lång och informationsrik text på svenska was approved where we are one of the project partners.

It runs 2019-10-01 - 2022-09-30, other relevant details are in the Diarium as 2019-74. Internally we are calling this project Wikispeech för AI 2020/Wikispeech for AI 2020. Although the project officially starts in 2019 we can probably consider it a 2020 project for everything but accountancy purposes.

As with any new project this now needs to be fully started up.

  • Update the project master list
  • Create a project id in Fortnox (194206) and open it for timeregistering
    • Update the helper script
  • Create a project page on Wiki
    • Update the two helper templates
  • Create a Phabricator board
  • Update the uppföljning verksamhetsmål document (for 2019 and 2020)
  • Update the 2020 budget document
  • Update the Burnchart
  • Sign contract with KTH
  • Update wmse:Offentligt_stöd


Event Timeline

The facts have been entered but the project descriptions (column G, H) are missing.

  • Update the Burnchart

An entry has been made to the Notes tab but the payment schedule is awaiting the KTH contract

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Are we still missing the contract?

Update on this one. Contract is still missing. I've contacted KTH to ask about how we go about to rekvirera funds anyway.

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