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🔎️ Investigate | Form analytics showing very little data for address form on confirmation page
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The form analytics plugin of our web analytics software is supposed to collect usage data automatically when the id or the name attribute of a form tag is set. There is only very little data about the address form on the confirmation page. In order to analyse the usefulness of giving another opportunity to provide address data, we should have some data.

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I think we already do track the form the properly by pushing FormAnalytics::trackFormSubmit to Matomo. I have added a call for FormAnalytics::scanForForms as advised by the Matomo documentation whenever the modal is opened, this could possibly improve the tracking of the form. Full PR is here:

This should probably be user-tested on Test before it's pushed to prod, just to be sure this did not break the tracking in a weird way.

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@kai.nissen The changes have been merged and you can test it on the test environment.

Looks good, let's deploy this to production.

Looks good, let's deploy this to production.

Famous last words, it's deployed on prod now.

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