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Replace `video-cut-tool-front-end` with `video-cut-cool` everywhere.
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This task is about the WikiContrib tool at - you are expected to provide a PRequest in Github.

Currently, in quite a few places in the codebase also in the URL we are using the video-cut-tool-front-end. Let us rename video-cut-tool-front-end to video-cut-tool everywhere (codebase, docs, phab, commons: VideoCutTool, Github repo-name...)

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Ammarpad triaged this task as Medium priority.Nov 30 2019, 1:15 PM
Ammarpad added a project: Google-Code-in-2019.
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I'd consider this task as completed when the code, doc and Commons doc page are changed.

Hi, what should I do with the Common page? There are nth I should change with "front-end"

@Melvintong1516, @Gopavasanth: The corresponding non-public GCI task is fixed. Is there more to do in this public Phabricator task, or can the status of this task be changed from "open" to "resolved"?

We are planning to migrate https://video-cut-tool-front-end/ to, I will resolve this soon after rechecking the documentation and the after the tool is successfully deployed in the new place.