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Beta cluster doesn’t update since ca. 2019-11-21 23:00 UTC
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beta-scap-eqiad is “Waiting for next available executor on ‘deployment-deploy01” (but none of the available executors have the required “BetaClusterBastion” label), and the last build finished last Thursday. beta-mediawiki-config-update-eqiad is blocked on beta-scap-eqiad, which manifests itself as some long-delayed builds in Zuul:

Screenshot_2019-11-25 Zuul Status - Integration.png (366×387 px, 25 KB)

On the surface, this looks very similar to T235674, though the underlying cause might be completely different for all I know.

Event Timeline

Did the runbook but the jobs re-entered the build-queue without moving to the executor.

Manually killed a few more stuck jobs and now it seems fixed?

And Special:Version on Beta is up to date again. Thanks! (Feel free to reopen if you want to investigate further or something.)