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PayPal recurring: backfilled automated cancel?
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We received a request from donor cid=18725564 to cancel their recurring PayPal donation, and when we looked it up it's already canceled in Civi, but the subscription S-5PM27792C1531590F still shows as active at PayPal.

Civi says: Cancel Reason (auto) backfilled automated cancel Oct 24th 2019
PayPal says: Next payment due Dec 11, 2019

Is this an error? We'll cancel at the PayPal console and confirm to the donor, but would this have kept processing or not if we didn't?

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cid=8038820 also has Cancel Reason (auto) backfilled automated cancel, but the date is October 24th, 2018, and they have received 13 donations since then.

@krobinson suggests this is related to something from last October - if there's already a task let me know

As an update to this, I've found some interesting things so far, and this may be two separate issues at the end of it.

First, the original example appears to have had it's cancel date set to 10/24/2019 on 10/25/2018. It did process again after that date, but that's kind of expected since our cancel date doesn't mean much to PayPal as they initiate the recurrence on their side. The other interesting thing is that the cancel reason didn't get filled in until 5/11/2019, but again kept processing. I suspect that PayPal sent us some sort of cancellation message but didn't end up canceling things on their end. That said, I'm still working on tracking down that message in the logs.

But the quick answer to the direct question is that I think yes, this would've continued to recur had we not manually cancelled it. I'll work more on proving that out and finding the root issues.

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@MBeat33 Ok, looks like this is from an event back in 2018 when paypal sent us a bunch of cancel messages for subscriptions that weren't actually canceled. We attempted to fix all of them back then, but looks like this one and maybe some others slipped through the cracks. Looks like this was meant to be an active subscription and just the cancel date and reason was in error.

I'll check to see if there are any more of them, and get them fixed.

Looks like there are many more like this, but we actually have a ticket for fixing them already. T217379

Given that, I'll go ahead and close this task and pull the other one in sprint and do the fixing under that one.