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Consider adding FUNDING.yml to Wikimedia repos
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GitHub now allows adding a donate button on top of your repository via a FUNDING.yml file. While I wouldn't expect a huge effect, maybe worth adding to the Wikimedia repos and pointing it to the Wikimedia donation page.

(What exactly should count as a "Wikimedia repo" is debatable. Just because some extension or library is deployed in production, we shouldn't prevent the author from running their own personal fundraising campaign if they want. But extensions / libraries predominantly created by WMF staff in paid time should be fair game. Probably MediaWiki too, although that should probably be discussed within the developer community first.)

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This seems to have been done across all Wikimedia repos by - I think that was inappropriate and have reverted it. I'm not sure if those commits should be brought into Gerrit somehow.

There are plenty of MediaWiki extensions whose author is independent and would welcome funding, or maybe even would oppose donating to the WMF for some reason. So I don't think placing links to the WMF donation page indiscriminately would be a good idea.

This seems to have been done […] by […]. I'm not sure if those commits should be brought into Gerrit somehow.

Fortunately unfortunately, the commit in question was done after someone had created a github-local main branch and changed the repo's default branch to it via the github-local settings. As such, I've simply switched the default back to the head that Gerrit mirrors, so they're in sync again. I've left the main branch as it was, but one could also just delete it.

keywords: donate, composer, utm_medium, githubRepo.

@Legoktm Thanks for that feedback. We had discussed it with some folks from the Advancement team about doing it for the iOS and Android repos (which are primarily maintained by WMF staff), and then that expanded to all repos. I think you and @Tgr make some great points, thanks for reverting that. I'm going to put up PRs for it on the iOS and Android repos specifically, unless someone sees a problem with that.

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Leaving this open in case it's desired to implement this for other repos, as well.

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