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Provide a special page for mentors to monitor their mentees' activity
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The Growth team homepage project assigns a mentor to new wiki users. This mentor is there to reply to these newcomers questions. Several communities are asking for a way for the mentors to monitor what newcomers do.

A way would be to provide a special page that lists edits from their mentees. It could be a page like special:MyMentees, listing:

  • all mentees assigned to the user who made at least one edit, with a link to each newbie's user page, talk page and contributions
  • their 500 last edits by date order (older edits and more details are visible using Special:Contributions)

For privacy reasons, this page can't be accessed by someone else.

However, T239241: Create a filter for mentors so that they can monitor their mentees' activity in watchlist and RecentChanges should be prioritized for a more integrated experience.