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Microsoft Edge: Auto-completion leads to error messages
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Steps to Reproduce:
Open Microsoft edge
Go to
Use the auto-completion function to fill the form
See errors

Actual Results:
Even for correct inputs all form fields show the error message for wrong input.
The form can only be completed after clicking in every field once to make the errors go away.

Expected Results:
Auto-completion using the right inputs should not lead to error messages and the form should be ready to send right away

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@Izno This is for a Wikimedia Deutschland website and unrelated to WMF websites or MediaWiki so that tag is likely not appropriate.

@JanJaquemot What Edge version did you use here? I cannot reproduce the behavior you described with Edge 44.18362.449.0. It marks the first name field as invalid after the autofill is done but as soon as you click anywhere, the first name field becomes valid. All other fields are correctly marked as valid immediately.

May be fixed as part of T231319 now but since I was never able to reproduce it, I am not sure.