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toolforge: new k8s: scale up a bit the cluster before final tests and initial migrations
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Create 2 or 3 workers more so we have room for more testing and the initial migrations.

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Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2019-11-29T11:45:05Z] <arturo> created 3 new VMs tools-k8s-worker-[3,4,5] (T239403)

aborrero triaged this task as Medium priority.
aborrero moved this task from Inbox to Doing on the cloud-services-team (Kanban) board.

Joined the 3 new VMs into the cluster and updated the docs to mention what to do in case kubeadm token is expired.

aborrero@tools-k8s-control-2:~$ sudo -i kubectl get nodes
NAME                  STATUS   ROLES    AGE     VERSION
tools-k8s-control-1   Ready    master   22d     v1.15.6
tools-k8s-control-2   Ready    master   22d     v1.15.6
tools-k8s-control-3   Ready    master   22d     v1.15.6
tools-k8s-worker-1    Ready    <none>   21d     v1.15.6
tools-k8s-worker-2    Ready    <none>   21d     v1.15.6
tools-k8s-worker-3    Ready    <none>   6m3s    v1.15.6
tools-k8s-worker-4    Ready    <none>   5m28s   v1.15.6
tools-k8s-worker-5    Ready    <none>   5m23s   v1.15.6

Closing task for now.